People tortured in Kashmir: Army rejects Shehla Rashid’s allegations

Image Credit : AFP

New Delhi, Aug 19: The Indian Army rejected claims made by activist and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement leader Shehla Rashid on the ground situation in Kashmir and termed them ‘baseless’.

In a series of tweets, Rashid made ten allegations including torture based on “things that people coming from Kashmir say about the situation.

People have been dragged from their homes, arrested and tortured and as a news agency has quoted that 4000-6000 people have been taken into custody in Kashmir after Article370 has been abrogagted.

Rashid, the activist tweeted on Sunday that the armed forces were “entering houses at night, picking up boys, ransacking houses, deliberately spilling rations on the floor, mixing oil with rice..

There are human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir as Internet and cell phones remain blocked in Kashmir and authorities reimposed restrictions on movement in major parts of Srinagar on Sunday after violent overnight clashes between residents and the police. Dozens are said to have been injured in the clashes.

Telephone landlines were restored in parts of the city on Saturday after a 12-day blackout.

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