People of Delhi, the Boss will suffer, says Kapil Sibal on Kejriwal-LG tussle

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, July 6 : Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that the impasse between the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal will continue despite the fact that Supreme Court  clarified the roles of Delhi government and LG and the  people of Delhi are the victim of their confrontation.

“After SC verdict, Kejriwal says he is the boss. The LG will ask the Union of India and they will say that in all crucial matters they are the boss.Result : Impasse will continue.The real boss are the people of Delhi.And they will continue to suffer !,”Kejriwal Tweeted.


Witnessing the magnitude of confrontation between Delhi chief minister and the lieutenant Governor, former union minister Sibal pointed that after the Supreme Court verdict, Kejriwal  claims  to be the boss in the national capital but the fact is “the real boss are the people of Delhi  and they will continue to suffer”.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Lt Governor has limited administrative powers and is bound by the “aid and advice” of the elected government. The Lt Governor was also advised that he must not be “obstructionist”.

Hailing the Apex court ruling, Kejriwal tweeted “A big victory for the people of Delhi… a big victory for democracy,” Kejriwal tweeted.

The Congress leader stressed that the power tussle will continue as the LG will continue to discuss all the issues with the Union of India, hence no victory! as the Boss will suffer.

The apex court also observed that neither the state nor the L-G should feel lionized, but realise they are serving Constitutional obligations. “There is no space for absolutism or anarchy in our Constitution,” the SC stated.


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