People in queue with shawls and blankets outside banks on Thursday


Delhi, 17 Nov: As the country struggles with the aftermath of the ban on high denomination currency, on the 10th day of exchanging and withdrawing new currency people were seen standing in long queues with shawls and blankets.

Reportedly, as the temperature dipped on Tuesday night Burari locals were seen in shawls and blankets, standing in the long queue outside banks and spend the entire night to get the new currency.

People are facing a lot of problems in withdrawing the money especially who are in urgent need. Even people having any disability, ladies and senior citizens were also seen standing in queues for hours as no option left for them.

A 68-year-old Joginder Singh took a blanket from his home in Burari, walked 600 metres and sat on the steps of an Axis Bank branch. Thirteen years ago, Singh had sustained a back injury while working at a construction site. Now, he cannot stand for more than half-an-hour.

“We ran out of cash and shops are no longer willing to give us milk and groceries on credit. I have been sitting here since 9 pm, and I will wait till the bank opens in the morning. I have Rs 4,000 in Rs 500 notes,” Singh said at 1.15 am on Wednesday.

Burari, on the outskirts of the capital, has at least 15 branches and ATMs of private and government banks in a 2-km stretch. At 1.30 am, there was one functioning ATM in the area, with about 70 people in line.


The similar situation is being experienced in most of the areas across the country.

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