58.9% Healthy People died due to Covid, 36% from -45 age Group


New Delhi, May 30 : After more than 3 lakh covid deaths during the pandemic, an IANS-CVoter survey showed 58 per cent people who lost their lives were completely healthy before getting infected.

The respondents also said 10.9 per cent of the deceased did not have any serious ailments but were not completely healthy; 17.5 of the victims had serious ailment like heart disease, diabetes, TB, Cancer, while 13.3 per cent did not know about it.

A 21.2 per cent of the deaths were in the age group of above 66 years; followed by age group of 36 to 45 which had 19.1 per cent deaths due to Covid; 18.3 deaths occurred in age group of 56 to 65 years, while 16.1 per cent lost their lives in the group of 46 to 55 years.

More and more analysis revealed that most of the deaths occurred in the agegroup below 45. which was 36 per cent of the total deaths. This was followed by 34.4 per cent in age group of 46 to 65 years while 21 percent died above this age group.

The field survey was done between January 1 and May 27, 2021 and samples were spread in all 542 Lok Sabha seats across all states, with error of +/- 3% at macro level and +/- 5% at micro level with Sample Size of 56685

India on Sunday reported 1.65 lakh fresh Covid-19 cases in 24 hours with 3,460 deaths — one of the lowest since April 12, the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry said.

India’s overall tally stands at 2,77,29,247 with 22,28,724 active cases, and 3,22,512 deaths, so far.

In 18 days India had recorded over 68,000 deaths.

India registered record deaths due to Covid on May 21 with 4,529 deaths — the highest number of fatalities from Covid infection in any country since the coronavirus outbreak was reported in China’s Wuhan in December 2019.

It surpassed 4,468 deaths in the US on January 12, and earlier 4,211 in Brazil on April 6.

After battling a brutal second wave for weeks, fresh Covid cases came down below the three lakh-mark for the first time on May 17 after touching record high of 4,14,188 on May 7.

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