People criticises Aadhaar, but ready to naked before white men for US visa: KJ Alphons

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New Delhi, March 26: In a wake of reports claiming database breach of UIDAI, Union Minister of State for Information Technology and Tourism Alphons Kannanthanam said people question Aadhaar but would have no problem for getting naked before the white man for the visa.

Speaking to ANI, Alphons stated “I filled up to 10 pages for US Visa form. We have absolutely no problem giving our fingerprints and getting body naked before the white man at all. When your own govt asks for your name& address there is a massive revolution saying it’s intrusion in privacy”.

The MoS came up with this remark while responding to the opposition parties’ increasingly outspoken anti-Aadhaar sentiments stemming from concerns about data safety.

The Union Minister of State for Information Technology and Tourism, also claimed that not one case pertaining to breach of Aadhaar data has come into the limelight in the past three-and-half years.

“Not one case has come up in the past three-and-a-half years when the biometric data of any Aadhaar holder has been leaked in India. The Government of India has protected the data and this has been possible because we use the latest technologies and we constantly upgrade it”, the Indian Express quoted, Alphons as saying.


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