Pay more attention to women safety: IMF chief to Modi

IMF chief

New Delhi, April 20: Calling recent incidents of sexual assault including Kathua Rape case “revolting”, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on Thursday appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pay more attention towards the security of women.

Speaking to Media during at the start of the spring meeting of the international finance organisations, Lagarde said “What has happened (in India) is just revolting. I would hope that the Indian authorities, starting with Prime Minister Modi, pay more attention because it is needed for the women of India”.

However, the IMF chief clarified that it was her personal view and not that of the organisation as a whole. “By the way, this is not an IMF official position. It is my position,” the Indian Express reported citing news agency PTI quoted Lagarde as saying.

According to the reports, for the second time in last four months, Lagarde has asked PM Modi to improve the conditions for women.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos held in January, Lagarde stated she had informed Modi that his speech did not mention much about the women in India.

“When I was last in Davos after Prime Minister Modi’s speech, I did tell him that he had not mentioned the women of India enough. And it’s not just a question of talking about them,” the managing director of IMF said.

Lagarde’s remark comes at a time when three rape incidents – Kathua, Unnao, and Surat – have triggered countrywide anger, more so over the apparent silence that Modi and other top leaders maintained following the instance.

However, days after public outrage Narendra Modi broke his silence over the incidents last week saying the country’s “daughters” would “definitely get justice”.


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