Watch: Parrikar #NotMyCM, I want my vote back shout Goa Protesters


Panaji, March 15: While Manohar Parrikar was sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Goa on Tuesday, anger mob gathered to protest against the newly elected Chief Minister.

Massive goa Police deployed to control #NotMyCM protestors ahead of Swearing in of Manohar Parrikar as Goa CM on Tuesday.

From streets of Goa to Social media, people used hashtag #NotMyCM to raise their voice against BJP’s newly elected assembly in Goa. The protestors in a mass demonstration carried out placards saying I want my vote back, No horse-trading, Shame on the Goa streets.

Here are few pictures of #NotMyCM protests being carried out in Goa yesterday.


The angry crowd blamed Bharatiya Janata Party for allegedly using ‘money’ and ‘muscle’ power to form a government in the coastal state of Goa. One of the protestors shouted slogans against BJP and said I voted to get rid of BJP rule. Many said parties who were contesting against BJP have now allied to form the government and this a cheating to their electoral rights.



Twitterati was quick on picking up the buzz and people swiftly used the hashtag to raise the voice.

From past two days, the work of Parliament is also under stalemate as Congress, NCP, RJD have been protesting against the formation of BJP government in Manipur and Goa. In both the states, Congress was the largest political party to win the mandate but was short of 4 seats in Goa and 3 seats in Manipur. However, the runner up BJP won the number game and proposed majority before Congress.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court has asked both Congress and BJP to pass floor test on March 16.

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