Parliament will not run until Delhi riots are discussed, says Congress

Parliament of India
Parliament of India

New Delhi, March 4 Congress MP in Rajya Sabha Syed Naseer Hussain on Wednesday said that there is a consensus between Congress and other opposition parties for disrupting Parliament proceedings until the government is ready for an open discussion over Delhi violence.

Calling the violence a “state sponsored” move, the Karnataka MP said we have unanimously decided not to let the Parliament run until government is ready for a debate on Delhi violence and fixes accountability of the guilty behind it.

“We have been demanding an open debate on Delhi violence for the last three days inside Parliament. We want to know who is behind the violence. What was the reason which has led to the killing of around 50 people,” Hussain said while briefing media in Parliament premise.

“We also want to know the name of the MP or the persons who have been giving inflammatory speeches continuously so that people indulge in fighting with each other.”

The MP said that somebody should be accountable for these riots but no one has been held accountable for the deadly incident.

“The government is not ready to fix the accountability of Delhi riots. Neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Minister is ready to answer questions on the state-sponsored riot issue.”

“We told the government that normal legislative business of Parliament can only be run after the debate over the Delhi violence, but they are not ready for it,” said the MP.

“The government is not serious over the issue. It is saying that the discussion will be held after normalcy returns to the riot-hit areas. The government, contrary to the statement has said outside that normalcy has returned. Either they are speaking truth outside or inside Parliament. Both things cannot be true at one time.”

“We (Congress) as well as all opposition parties are in consensus over the issue. We will not let Parliament proceedings run until the government holds debate on Delhi violence,” he said.

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