Parliament Proceedings: After ruckus over Triple Talaq Bill, Rajya Sabha adjourned till tomorrow

uckus over triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha
uckus over triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha

Parliament will take up some important bills for discussion in both Upper and Lower house. Triple Talaq bill is expected to be the center of the debate in Rajya Sabha as it has been passed by the Lok Sabha.


Members took up the issue of Mahanadi River dispute in Question Hour of Lok Sabha, an Odisha member asked about the construction of barrages across Mahanadi river.  Responding to the question the minister told that State doesn’t need Centre’s permission to construct barrages, the minister says. There is adequate water that can be shared between Chhattisgarh and Odisha. He requests chief ministers of both States to meet the ministry to resolve river sharing disputes.

In order to boost the public banking sector, the central government has tabled a demand for additional grants of Rs.80,000 crore for bank recapitalization in Lok Sabha.

An incident of a Chinese road construction party entering Indian territory and Beijing’s statement on not recognizing Arunachal Pradesh was raised in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

Revolutionary Socialist Party member N.K. Premchandran urged the government to make a statement on the incident.

“Chinese entered Indian territory, there were attempts to construct a road. Upto one kilometre they constructed. They were then stopped by people and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police force.

“They had come up till the Siang river basin, so my point is upper Siang basin is being aggressed upon,” Premchandran said.

“Further the Chinese spokesperson openly stated that Beijing has never recognised the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a provoking statement on China’s part,” he added.

“I would like to know the response of the government of India on the Chinese aggression,” he said.

A road building party from China entered Indian territory in a remote part of Arunachal Pradesh in December-end and were sent back by the Indian troops.

Around December 26, they were found constructing a track around two kilometres away from the nearest Indo-Tibetan Border Police post.

A nearly 600 metre long and 12 feet wide track was constructed on Indian territory when the Chinese party was stopped.

The area where the Chinese workers entered is close to the place where Brahmaputra river enters India.

Indian troops pushed back the labourers and seized the equipment. While there was no confrontation between troops on both side, Indian troops have barricaded the area since and have been guarding it.

Asked about the incident, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said: “First of all, on border issues with India, China is clear and consistent.

“We never acknowledge the existence of so-called Arunachal Pradesh,” Geng said.

Lok Sabha discussed the High Court and Supreme Court judges amendment bill. The bill contains a provision of salary hike for judges in which CJI will get 2,80,00 per month and for other judges it is Rs. 2,50,000.

The parliamentarians also discussed the Collegium process of courts for selection of the judges, focussing on the need of NJAC they suggested that there should be transperancy in the judicial system.

Kerala MP Shashi Tharoor raised several Question on the demand of 80,000 crores by the finance ministry to recapitalise the Banking system. The MP asked what would be the moral message in recapitalising the bank, isn’t this step of infusing fund to banks would made them more irresponsible towards their duties. The MP also stated that there is a demand for funds in MNREGA and the two states affected by Cyclone Ockhi which has not been fulfilled by the government. He also asked to make sure that there should be a permanent solution for NPAs so that the upcoming finance minister could work freely.

Rajya Sabha

Many ministers including Samajwadi Party’s Naresh Aggarwal, Rajani Patil (Congress) and  Navaneethakrishnan (AIADMK) raised their concerns over the Bhima-Koregaon violence and accused the government of dividing people on the communal basis.

Sharad Pawar (NCP) says Bhima-Koregaon has a history. He elaborates the historical reference and says I have seen Dalits paying tributes for the last 50 years. “I have never seen any dispute in these 50 years,” he says.

Rajya Sabha discussed the state of the economy of the country in a short-term discussion. Anand Sharma of Congress cited that at a point of time when ASEAN economy is 0moving rapidly  India has not been able to cope up with that, he stated that the job creation, export, and investment has fallen. He also stated that the present government is not transferring the benefit of decreased crude oil prices to people.

The leader also criticised Government over demonetisation stating that it did not give any fruitful benefits as claimed by the government that it would bring out all the black money and would help in countering terrorism.

Sukendu Sekhar Roy of Trinamool says farmers are not getting remunerative prices and are selling lands in distress. He points out the fiscal deficit is 3.5 per cent of the GDP.

The leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad while starting a discussion on Triple Talaq bill said that nobody in the house supports Triple Talaq but there are several provisions in the bill which are against Muslim Women. We want to help government, but initially, we want the government to maintain a provision in the bill stating that the Government will take care of the Muslim Women left by his husband who would serve in jail for three years.

 TMC MP Derek O Brien says ‘its clear that this side(opposition) wants to empower women, and you(Govt) stand exposed’. Smriti Irani replies ‘absolutely not, if you seriously want to empower women then have a discussion now.”

Anand Sharma in the house stated that the motion was moved yesterday so first, we should take up the unfinished business of the house.

Sukendu Sekhar Roy says since the government is unwilling to send the Bill to select committee, how can I name the members without the consent of NDA members, he asks.


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