Parliament attack 2001: Know, what happened that day?

New Delhi, Dec 13: The nation on Tuesday paid homage on the 15th anniversary of Parliament attack to those who sacrificed their lives while defending Parliament House from the dastardly terror attack on this day in 2001.

The Loud noise of two blasts was heard on the morning of 13 December 2001 inside the parliamentary complex which shook the entire nation. As soon as this happened, police and paramilitary personnel rushed and took positions to tackle the attackers. As the gunfights began, the roads coming towards Parliament were closed.

Many prime leaders and journalists were caught inside the Parliament when six gunmen forcefully entered the parliament complex from the gate. One of them had explosives strapped to his body. A bomb was found and was later exploded in a controlled explosion.

With around 100 MPs trapped inside the parliament and to ensure their security, the Police squatted behind cars, trees and the corners of buildings and the gunfight were broadcasted live. The gunbattle in the complex raged for an hour. The people were confused as they heard the gunshots. The terrorists entered the complex in a vehicle with a fake security sticker.

When the horror ended and our brave jawans took the control of the situation, everyone inside the parliament was safe including ministers. However, at least 12 people were killed in the attack. The Cabinet had an emergency meeting after the incident and imposed security on the state assembly all across India.

The world condemned the attack on Indian Parliament as it was the first time when the highest legislative was attacked in the world’s biggest democracy. This was seen a major security breach and because of it, after the incident, more than 200 paramilitary personnel guarded the parliament.

Shortly after the incident, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed the nation and said that this was not an attack on the building but was a warning to the entire nation.

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