Pappu Yadav’s party to contest Bihar assembly polls on 100 seats

Patna, Aug 29 Madhepura MP Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav’s Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) has begun its preparation for 2020 Bihar assembly elections and announced that his party will contests elections on 100 seats.

Addressing the mediapersons here, after a three-day meeting of the party units, Yadav said that in order to implement social and political justice, the JAP has pledged that the next Chief Minister of Bihar would be from Dalit or Backward class.

Yadav said, “Party has earmarked 100 seats on which it will be contesting assembly elections schedule for next year.”

“Party will connect with at least 20,000 people at every assembly. A membership campaign will also be carried out till Dec 31,” he added.

He supported the 10 per cent reservation to the economically backward upper caste but demanded 52 per cent reservation for OBC on the basis of their population and even accused the BJP for working on the directions of RSS.

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