Panneerselvam reveals BJP’s role in merger of AIADMK, says Modi told me to save the party


Deputy chief minister of Tamil Nadu, O Pannerselvam revealed that he agreed to merge with the breakaway faction of AIADMK after prime minister Narendra Modi told him to do so.

Addressing an assembly the leader confirmed BJP’s role in the merge of both factions. The leader informed that Prime minister Narendra Modi told him to merge with the other faction to save the party.

He said,”I agreed but said that I will not become a minister and will only take party position.”

“PM said ‘no no, you should be a minister& continue with politics,’ and that is why today I am a minister,” O Panneerselvam added.

The leader also stated that he was harrased  and faced limitless problems. “If anybody else would have been in my place he would have committed suicide. I faced it all only because of Amma,” he said.

After the death of J Jayalalitha, the AIADMK divided into two factions one headed by the then acting chief minister, Pannerselvam and another one by Shashi Kala.Pannerselvam was forced to vacate the Chief ministership for Shahshi Kala but due to her involvement in corruption, the throne went to Planiswami.

However, after Shashi Kala was jailed the two faction agreed to merge. The merger came as BJP ‘s political interest in Tamil Nadu  where the party failed to win any of the seat. Panneerselvam met with PM Modi during the rift between two factions of the ruling party of AIADMK and after a series of political stunts performed by the BJP leadership the two factions merged.


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