Pakistani chopper crashes in Afghanistan,6 taken hostage by Taliban

A Pakistani helicopter made a crash landed in a remote district of eastern Afghanistan’s Logar province on Thursday which is under Taliban control and all the six  people including crew on board were taken hostage by the  Taliban .

They have been taken to an unknown location.
“The initial findings by our provincial security sources showed that a Pakistani chopper made an emergency landing at around midday in Azra district of Logar province. But the crew remained unhurt following the crash,” spokesman Salem Salah told media.

While the Pakistani army has denied its helicopter was involved in the incident in the mountainous Afghan province bordering Pakistan, some reports suggested that the helicopter was belonging to the government of Pakistan.

The Pakistani Embassy in Kabul has reportedly announced that the chopper was en route to Russia for maintenance.

Unofficial sources said the six-member crew was captured by Taliban militants after the chopper went down in the province 60 km south of Kabul.

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