Pakistan retired general predicted suicide bombings in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu Kashmir Pulwama Encounter

Feb 15 : Did a Pakistani retired general predict a wave of suicide bombings in Jammu and Kashmir?

A clip of a Pakistani television news discussion is doing the rounds where retired general Amjad Shoaib is talking about Jammu and Kashmir moving towards an era of suicide bombings.

The general made the prediction in October 2018 in a show hosted by respected Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir. The general said that suicide bombing will be the new wave hitting Jammu and Kashmir. “This process of suicide bombing has not started, but it will begin,” he said, claiming the Kashmiri youth were moving towards this popular phenomenon.

The talk by the general raises question if the Pakistani handlers of terrorist groups have instigated the youth to resort to the new tactics of suicide bombings like the one seen in Pulwama.

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