Pakistan PM Sharif bows to army; Zamir is new Defence Secretary

nawaz sharief

In a move to placate the military, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has appointed retired Lt Gen Zamirul Hassan Shah as the new Defence Secretary.

Gen Shah assumed office on Thursday, marking an end to what had virtually become a stand-off between the government and the military on the posting.

He replaced retired Lt Gen Alam Khattak, who completed his two-year contract on August 5.

Gen Shah had retired from military service earlier this year. His last posting was adjutant general of Pakistan Army.

The military had recommended Gen Shah’s name to the government for appointment as the Defence Secretary long before Gen Khattak completed his tenure.

The government rejected the nomination and asked the military to nominate some other officer.

“The government had some reservations about Gen Shah’s nomination,” according to a source in the Prime Minister Office.

The army refused to change the nomination and insisted that Gen Shah must be appointed. The government then considered different options including continuing with Maj Gen Abid Nazir as the acting secretary.

But Sharif’s advisers counselled him to avoid straining relations with the military on the issue and accept Gen Shah’s nomination.


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