Pakistan dedicates its Independence day celebration to “Kashmir’s freedom”,says Basit


Abdul Basit,Pakistan ‘s High commissioner to Delhi said that Pakistan  has dedicated  its Independence Day  to “Kashmir getting freedom”.

“Is saal ki Jashn e Azadi hum Kashmir ki Azadi ke naam karte hain,”Abdul Basit.
Basit further said,”This year’s independence  day celebrations are in the name of Kashmir’s (future) independence .”
This is clear provocation and shows Pakistan’s policy of interfering  with India’s internal matters.
This statement by Basit is contrary to the statement issued by Pakistan last week about proposing for secretary level talks on Kashmir.

Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit on Sunday said the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for “right to self determination” was legitimate and it cannot be suppressed.

“Political aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be suppressed,” Basit said in a speech to mark the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

“Nor could anyone belittle or wish away their legitimate struggle and enormous sacrifices,” a Pakistan High Commission statement quoted Basit as saying.

He said Pakistan would continue to extend “its full diplomatic, political and moral support to the valiant people of Jammu and Kashmir till they get their right to self determination”.

He urged the international community to ensure the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions to settle the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

India and Pakistan dispute Jammu and Kashmir’s ownership. New Delhi accuses Islamabad of arming, financing and providing sanctuary as well as training to militants fighting Indian rule in Jammu and Kashmir.

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