Pakistan, a close ally of China : US


Veteran US Army Colonel, Lawrence Sellin said that Pakistan is not a friend of the United States, but a staunch ally of China due to the increasing economic and military alliance between the two countries.

“The threat is from China in the form of the Pakistani-Chinese alliance. China’s aim is to dominate South Asia, first economically based on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and then militarily using its alliance with Pakistan to establish military bases on the Balochistan coast. ” Sellin said

Sellin, who has served in Afghanistan, Iraq and West Africa, said”Chinese naval and air bases on the Balochistan coast would control the vital sea lanes of the Arabian Sea and northern Indian Ocean and threaten another strategic chokepoint, the Strait of Hormuz. A successful implementation of the Chinese-Pakistani plan would mean isolation of India, which is not at all advantageous to the international order.”

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