Pak-trained falcon caught near Bikaner

FILE photo

JAISALMER, Oct 20:  The border security force (BSF) has done a commendable job as yet again they caught a Pak trained falcon near Anupgarh area an adjoining international border near Bikaner.

However, transistor antenna was fitted to the falcon though, the transmitter might have fallen while the falcon was flying. However, there was a tag like  thread. The falcon was  referred to Bikaner for treatment  as it found injured, and  has been handed over to the forest department in Anupgarh.

According to defense sources, a falcon from Pakistan flying from Pakistan border entered into India and sat down in Anupgarh area in Bikaner sector near Surma border.

It is also said that annually, the Arab royal families for hunting houbara bird come to Pakistan with a  trained falcon and these falcons are fitted with transmitter who at times lose their route and enter into the Indian border.



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