Pak PM Sharif said, India has given fresh evidence on Pathankot attack


Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, India has given fresh evidence on Pathankot attack Pakistan to bring the conspirators to justice verifying the facts. Sharif said, On  Pathankot new clues the evidence given by India and we will investigate further this matter .

We could hide it or could forget, but we have said that we have evidence.Pakistani Prime Minister to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to London said, we are their investigation and verification.Once we take this work forward, then surely the facts. Additionally, we have also created a special investigation team to India and will collect evidence.

Nawaz Sharif said, I had a conversation with the Prime Minister Modi and to evade their part to bring to justice all help was offered.We are going in the right direction and I hope that the conspirators will be brought to justice soon.

To combat terrorists in Pakistan, Sharif had promised to take action But it was also believed that progress is often very slow.Jaish-e-Mohammed, the alleged terrorists had attacked in Pathankot Air Force Base, the seven Indian soldiers were killed.Immediately after the assault was reported by India to Pakistan specific and actionable.


Nawaz’s comments come at a time when Barack Obama on Sunday called for action against terrorism in Pakistan said.US President Barack Obama said in an interview to PTI that Pakistan must take concrete action against terrorism and terrorist groups operating from its soil to be ended.

He said that as president, the last year of his priority will be to strengthen ties with India.US President Barack Obama said a few days ago, Pakistan’s terror defenses.He said Pakistan is now clear that militants on its territory and their recognition of the structure to eliminate snatch..

Barack Obama said in an interview to PTI

-Pakistan against terrorist groups operating from its soil and concrete action should be taken

-Pakistan is still a chance of showing that he is serious about taking action against Atnkvdion

-Adopt a policy of zero tolerance against terrorism needs


In his same interview, Obama praised not only the Prime Minister of India, but India also declared the country to be led by Asia .The Obama Pathankot Nawada Sharif since the attack on the phone to talk to the Prime Minister also praised.Obama said India in the Asia-Pacific region could play a key role in establishing stability and security.

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