Pak must terminate terror for dialogue with India: PM Modi


New Delhi, Jan 17: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday inaugurated the second edition of Raisina Dialogue and said that he is committed to transform India for prosperity of Indians.

“In May 2014, people of India ushered in a new normal. My fellow Indians spoke in one voice to entrusted my government with mandate of change,” added PM Modi.

Attacking Pakistan for its continuous support to terror activities, PM said, “Pakistan must walk away from terror if it wants to walk towards dialogue with India.”

“I had also travelled to Lahore but India alone cannot walk the path of peace,” said PM Modi.

PM also said the world needs India’s sustained rise as much as India needs world. “Our desire to change country has an indivisible link with external world,” said PM.

Addressing the second edition of the “Raisina Dialogue”, India’s flagship geo-political conference, he said: “The multi-polarity of the world and increasingly multi-polar Asia is dominant fact today. We welcome it. Because it captures the reality of the rise of many nations.

“It accepts that voice of many, not views of a few, should set the global agenda. Therefore, we need to guard against any inclination that promotes exclusion especially in Asia.” Modi added.

He further said that the focus of the conference – multilateralism with multipolarity – was timely.

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