Pak band to merge with Indian singer

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Pakistani pop rock band Mizmaar has collaborated with veteran Indian singer Shubha Mudgal for its latest single “Jogi” later this month.

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The last time Pakistani rock band Mizmaar teamed up with an Indian act, we saw the release of Ae Dil – a song celebrating the independence of both India and Pakistan from their colonial masters. With the Palash Sen collaboration already behind them, they went ahead with plans of working alongside Indian singing veteran Shubha Mudgal.

“Jogi is an effort to compel people to think about coexisting and finding the right path to bring peace in the world,” Mizmaar’s front man Kashan Admani said in a statement.

In “Jogi”, Mizmaar has featured their new lead vocalist Asad Rasheed who is well-versed with both Eastern and Western styles of singing. He seeks inspiration from a variety of artistes across diverse genres.

Jogi, too, will hence be an independent release. “We had signed with Universal Music for the last album. This time we will go independent. The avenues are all there to put your work out,” the band front man said.

The song is expected to come out within two week.

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