P. Chidambaram attacks BJP on gujarat development model, tweets 8 points

P Chidambaram

P. Chidambaram launched a scathing attack on Modi’s Gujarat Development model.In a series of tweets about Gujarat’s progress and its backwardness the senior Congress leader and former finance minister P.Chidambaram tried to bring out a balanced picture of Gujarat which tarnishes Modi’s claim that it has a classic model of development.

Here are the 8 points made by the leader about Gujarat’s development model.

1. In the last 57 years, Gujarat, like other states, has made progress. It is one of the states that benefited from the liberalisation of 1991, but Gujarat is not exceptional.

2. In the Social Progress Index for 29 states, released by the Institute for Competitiveness and the Social Progress Imperative, Gujarat is plumb in the middle (rank 15) with 14 states above and 14 states below.

3. Gujarat is in the top five on ‘Basic Human Needs’ but in the bottom five on ‘Foundations of Wellbeing’ and 9th from the bottom on ‘Opportunity’.

4. Like in every state, sections of the people of Gujarat are dissatisfied. The farmers are particularly unhappy.

5. The Sardar Sarovar dam is an example of poor governance. Less than a quarter of the planned 18.45 lakh hectares receives water for irrigation. Over 30,000 km of canals are yet to be completed.

6. The Dalits and the Scheduled Tribes believe they have been neglected and are the victims of oppression and violence. The minorities believe they are discriminated against and a majoritarian agenda is being imposed upon them.

7. Long before Mr Modi became chief minister, the Indian people and the Central governments (including Congress governments) had recognised the achievements of numerous Gujaratis, starting with Mahatma Gandhi.

8. Even during a state election, Mr Narendra Modi should speak as the Prime Minister of India.

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