Oxygen Shortage: 8 COVID-19 patients, including one doctor, die in Delhi’s Batra Hospital

Corona Death Body

At least eight COVID-19 patients admitted in the ICU of Batra hospital in Delhi’s Mehrauli died on Saturday afternoon, with hospital authorities linking the casualties to shortage of oxygen. Among the deceased is the hospital’s gastroenteritis head Dr RK Himthani.

Hospital officials told the Delhi High Court – holding a 11th straight day of hearings into the oxygen crisis in the National Capital – that re-supply tankers only reached the hospital at around 1.30 pm on Saturday, meaning that around 230 critically ill patients were without oxygen for around 80 minutes.

“We ran out of oxygen at 12.45 pm. Supply came at 1.30 pm on Saturday. We were out of oxygen for 1 hour and 20 mins,” the hospital told the court.

“We hope no lives were lost,” the court responded, to which the hospital said: “We have, including one of our own, one doctor.”

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