Over 6000 Indians returned from abroad

Air India Flight

New Delhi, May 12: A total of 6037 Indians have been flown back to India in 31 inbound flights operated by Air India and Air India Express under Vande Bharat Mission in 5 days beginning from May 7, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said on Tuesday.

Government of India started Vande Bharat Mission, what the Ministry said was “one of the largest initiatives to repatriate nationals back to India” on May 7.

“Under this mission, Ministry of Civil Aviation is coordinating with Ministry of External Affairs and state Governments for bringing Indians back to their homeland,” the Ministry said.

Air India along with its subsidiary Air India Express are operating a total of 64 flights (42 by Air India and 24 by AI Express) to 12 countries including USA, UK Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Philippines, UAE and Malaysia to repatriate 14,800 Indians back in the first phase.

“Each and every function in this massive air evacuation mission strictly adheres to the safety and hygiene protocol laid down by the Government and DGCA. MoCA, AAI and Air India leave no stone unturned to prioritize the safety of passengers, the crew and ground handling staff in these sensitive medical evacuation missions. Extensive and meticulous safety arrangements are made in accordance to government guidelines,” the Ministry said.

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