Our probe guided by facts and evidence not reputations: Delhi police chief

Delhi Police chief S N Shrivastava Tuesday said the force is serving its oath and the Constitution with conviction and integrity, asserting its investigations in criminal cases are guided by facts and evidence not by reputations and personalities.
Delhi Violence

New Delhi: Responding to former IPS officer Julio Ribeiro’s recent letter in which he had questioned the police’s investigation in the Delhi riots, Shrivastava said there are several entities who have their reasons to weave a “web of deception” and push a “false narrative of bias and insensitivity” on the part of the police.

“The Delhi Police is serving the oath and the Constitution with conviction, integrity and sensitivity, without fear of any self-proclaimed ‘true patriots’ or favour towards any class, creed or community,” Shrivastava said in an e-mail reply to Riberio. The Delhi Police Commissioner said the force has so far arrested 1,571 people in connection with the riots without differentiating on the basis of caste or religion, and they are almost equally distributed among both the communities.

The police investigations in criminal cases are guided by facts and evidence, not by reputations and personalities, he said. Shrivastava said Ribeiro in his letter has correctly mentioned registration of 751 FIRs into the northeast riots, adding the very fact of registering of such a large number of FIRs signals the Delhi Police’s intention of a fair dealing. “While we do not differentiate a complainant on the basis of caste or religion, it may be mentioned solely for the purpose of clearing any doubt in the minds of people questioning our probe, that more than 410 FIRs were registered on the complaints of minority community,” Shrivastava said.

The other community accounted for over 190 FIRs, he said, adding the remaining were registered on the basis of Daily Diary entries. “It is best that the criminal justice system, with its inherent checks and balances may be allowed to work, lest lending one’s name inadvertently imparts a false aura of credibility and authenticity to these concocted and motivated stories,” he said.

Also, anybody aggrieved with the investigation can always seek judicial remedies, he said. The Delhi Police has examined a large majority of persons who either have a role in the northeast Delhi riots or have information that will help arrive at the truth, Shrivastava said, adding the police have questioned persons without regard to their religion and party affiliation.

“It has collected documentary evidence, including scientific evidence, to support its case. The specific details, understandably, cannot be shared at this stage,” he said. “Chargesheets in many cases have been filed while investigation is continuing in many others. The above details have been given to dispel any impression that one may harbour,” he said.

Ribeiro, a former Mumbai Police chief, has been among a select group of eminent citizens who have been raising various issues concerning law and justice. “As a career police officer who has held numerous responsible positions, you (Ribeiro) are aware of the false perceptions that are often created by interested groups,” Shrivastava added. On Monday, Shrivastava had said a charge sheet will be filed by Thursday in connection with a conspiracy case in the northeast Delhi riots as the force is approaching towards the final league of investigation. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Pramod Singh Kushwaha had also said the riots were result of a “planned conspiracy” because during the investigation, the police found a common pattern the anti-CAA protesters followed: block the road traffic. “It was the first indicator that there was a conspiracy due to which it all started,” he had said. The Police chief had also said the some people with “good social media presence” were trying to “take away the sheen from the investigation”.

“As we are approaching towards the final end of investigation, Umar Khalid (former JNU student) has also been arrested. So, there is more and more sort of a cry, especially in the social media and also on the TV channels. (They) are trying to take away the sheen from the investigation. “You know that people whom we are investigating, many (of them) have a very good social media presence,” the Commissioner had said.

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