Opposition meet was ‘politics of negativity,’ says Javadekar

Sonia Gandhi, too, hit out at the Centre over its alleged attack on federal structure.
Prakash Javadekar

New Delhi, May 22 : The ruling BJP on Friday lashed out at the Congress and other opposition parties which met in the national capital today, accusing them of “doing politics even in the time of corona pandemic”.

“The opposition is cut off from people and is frustrated. The Opposition is giving evidence of its politics of negativity when the entire country should unitedly and decisively fight against coronavirus. Today’s opposition meeting which was convened by Congress is a manifestation of that politics of negativity,” alleged Information & Broadcasting Minister and senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar.

He also accused the Congress-led opposition of shifting goal posts. “First they complained why the lockdown was not being extended and now they complain why it is being extended,” he said.

Speaking in the opposition meeting, attended by 22 parties, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that the COVID-19 lockdown has not yielded results. “We had two motives for the lockdown — to contain the disease and curb its spread. But the infection is increasing,” Rahul Gandhi said, adding “today the infection is increasing, but we are lifting the lockdown. This means the lockdown which was implemented without thought is not giving correct results.”

Sonia Gandhi, too, hit out at the Centre over its alleged attack on federal structure.

Javadekar took a dig at Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, without naming her, referring to the “bus politics”. He alleged when more than 50 lakh migrants had been sent home, “they started doing politics by sending a few buses”.

The Congress offered 1,000 buses for ferrying migrants to various places in Uttar Pradesh, which got stuck in a letter war between the Congress and the UP government.

Friday’s opposition meet was convened by Congress’ interim President Sonia Gandhi to discuss the government’s handling of the COVID-19 as well as issues related to migrants’ crisis and economic hardships.

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