Political Parties mantra: Divide to win elections

There is a growing perception that elections in 2018 and 2019 will be fought on religious lines as even after more than  70 years, political parties cannot think of winning a single election on performance alone.

There is a growing perception that elections in 2018 and 2019 will be fought on religious lines as even after more than  70 years, political parties cannot think of winning a single election on performance alone. This time as well Modi government has been boosting of fighting the elections on development plank but actually his tenure has been marred by incidents of religious violence.

There was not a single word advice from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on uniting the people of India rather he allowed his ideological party RSS, BJP leaders, several groups of Hindu fundamentalists to divide the nation on religious, sectarian and ethnic lines. Dalits are being lynched and targeted over cow slaughtering.

Modi will only speak when he feels that the communal incidents will effect his vote bank and electoral prospects. BJP has been seen accusing the Congress of being a Muslim party and visiting of temples by Congress President Rahul Gandhi is being termed as appeasement politics.

Even the media does not shy asking law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad about Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s announcement of taking a 15-day break from politics immediately after the May 12 Karnataka elections to go on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar. Prasad commented by saying that Rahul is trying to appease Hindus.

Addressing a well-attended ‘Jan Aakrosh’ rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, Gandhi narrated the incident of a technical snag in a chartered aircraft in which he was flying to poll-bound Karnataka from New Delhi and said,”As I thought that, it struck me I want to go to Kailash Mansarovar,” he told the gathering of hundreds of Congress workers who responded with uninterrupted applause.

Prasad and BJP must realise that whenever a person encounters a close shave with a deadly incident he prefers to offer prayers towards his faith.

Moreover, Modi didn’t heed to the advice of Former US President Barack Obama, who had “privately” told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that a country should not be divided on sectarian lines and emphasised how the Indian society needed to cherish that Muslims in the country identify themselves as Indians which is not common for minorities in many other countries.

There are not few but numerous cases in which Dalits and miniorities were attacked and Modi who has been importing ideas of start ups and smart cities etc from abroad should think realistically and create unity among the people of diverse faith.

Recently the Gujarat assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi seems to have just waded a controversy at the ‘Mega Brahmin Business Summit’ in Gandhinagar, describing Dalit icon BR Ambedkar as a Brahmin and also terming PM Modi as a Brahmin because they are learned. Modi has been asserting that it is the BJP that has honoured Dalit icon B.R. Ambedkar but failed to realize his government’s failure to address the atrocities done on them.

When the Modi government will not allow the Dalits to study by giving such a discriminated environment how the SC, ST and OBC will progress.

The study, conducted by National Dalit Movement for Justice in 2017 reveals a shocking picture of discrimination and sexual abuse across states. The states include Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.Researchers found that SC and ST students are forced to clean toilets and classrooms but other students are not. These students are even made to clean toilets used by teachers.

Thus the nationalistic and Hinduism credentials of PM Modi, RSS and the BJP are doubtful.It appears that the political system of India has transformed to an extent that the ruling party is exploiting Hindus for votes.

The BJP ministers and legislatures made controversial statements regarding opening a paan shop rather than looking for government jobs and also urging voters to vote for a Hindu party rather than a secular one, sensing that such types of comments will affect BJP’s poll prospects and image, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned all elected members and ministers of the BJP to steer clear of making controversial statements to the media.

He made the comments during an interaction with the party’s MPs, MLAs and other representatives through the NaMo App. “We commit mistakes and give masala to media. The moment we see a camera, we jump to make a statement as if we are great social scientists or experts … and then these ill-informed statements are used by media. It is not the media’s fault,” he said.

The bizarre statements by Biplab Deb, the Chief Minister of Tripura, where BJP captured power from the CPM in the assembly elections earlier this year, said “internet and communication satellite also existed in the days of mahabharata” point to the ignorance and illiterate character of the BJP ministers.

It is worth mentioning that American and British intelligence agencies have claimed that Russian intelligence has used social media to promote divisions and manipulate public opinion during elections in the West. But in India, the very own political parties and some fundamentalists groups are bent upon creating disharmony by using social media to exploit these divisions on sectarian, religious and ethnic lines to disintegrate the country.

Blog : By Arti Bali,

(Senior Journalist)

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