Only Rs 1.36 lakh found in MK Stalin’s daughter’s residence

MK Stalin
Tamil Nadu Chief minister MK Stalin

Chennai, April 3 : Only a sum of Rs 136,000 was found in DMK President M.K. Stalin’s daughter Senthamarai’s residence by the Income Tax (IT) officials on Friday, said R.S. Bharathi, a Rajya Sabha member.

Speaking to reporters, Bharathi said the IT officials were able to find cash of Rs 136,000 at Senthamarai’s residence on Friday and they went back with disappointment.

He said the duly accounted money was kept at home for household expenses.

On Friday, tax officials carried out searches in the residence of Senthamarai here.

Senthamarai is married to V. Sabarisan, who is said to have a major say in the DMK affairs.

Tax officials also searched Karthik, son of Mohan, DMK’s Anna Nagar constituency candidate and couple of other places belonging to persons connected with the DMK.


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