Only issue left with Pakistan is when POK will be given to India: Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav
Ram Madhav

Aurangabad,Oct 1:BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has said that the only issue left to discuss with Pakistan was ‘handing over of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to India.

He said that in 1994, a “unanimous decision was taken that the only point left to discuss with Pakistan is when they will handover Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to India.” “Only outstanding issue between India and Pakistan with respect to Kashmir is the status of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK),” he added.

Countering Khan’s allegations that thousands have been put under ‘curfew’ by India, Madhav said that there are only 200-300 people put under preventive detention.

“I would also like to say that 200-250 people have been put under preventive detention and there has been peace in Kashmir for two months. You can understand what do the people of Kashmir want and what these 200-250 people want,” he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

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