Only Few have the courage to do: Priyanka on Rahul Gandhi’s decision to step down

Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi

New Delhi, July 4 : Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Thursday tweeted her admiration for his brother Rahul Gandhi’s decision to step down from the post of party president and said that only a “Few have the courage to take such decisions”.

Taking to Twitter, the party general secretary from eastern Uttar Pradesh said, “Few have the courage that you do @rahulgandhi. Deepest respect for your decision.”

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday posted a letter on Twitter conveying his decision and asserting that he had resigned as “accountability is critical” for the future growth of the party.

In his letter on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi had said: “It is a habit in India that the powerful cling to power, no one sacrifices power. But we will not defeat our opponents without sacrificing the desire for power and fighting a deeper ideological battle.”

Rahul Gandhi had first told the Congress Working Committee about his decision to quit on May 25, just days after the national election verdict that delivered a straight rout for the party a second time against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP.

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