Only few AGP leaders decided to go with BJP: Mahanta

Prafulla Kumar Mahanta
Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta

Guwahati, March 14 (IANS) Senior AGP leader and former Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta on Thursday alleged that only a handful of AGP leaders decided to again ally with the BJP and that there was a conspiracy to sideline him.

“The AGP has instituted a nine-member committee to decide on the issue of alliance with the BJP. I am also a member. The decision to have an alliance with the BJP is undemocratic and it was taken by only four to five leaders of the party,” Mahanta told the media.

“I still feel that the AGP should contest the Lok Sabha polls alone. The alliance with the BJP will harm the AGP for the 2021 Assembly polls,” Mahanta said while urging the grassroots workers of the party to force the party leadership to shun the BJP.

“As per the constitution of AGP, any major decision like this has to be discussed in the General House. However, only a few handful of leaders took the decision to go for alliance with BJP. This is undemocratic,” he said.

BJP leader Ram Madhav on Tuesday midnight announced to the media that the BJP, AGP and BPF will contest the Lok Sabha polls together.

The former Chief Minister said that there was a conspiracy within the AGP to have him removed from the party so that some leaders can do whatever they want.

“Before every elections a rumour is spread that Prafulla Kumar Mahanta will be appointed a Governor and his wife will be given ticket to Lok Sabha. However, neither my wife nor I have ever wanted any such thing. This is done intentionally to tarnish my image,” he said.

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