Online services for essential goods to be allowed: Kejriwal

He said the Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) have been tasked with ensuring that all the grocery shops and other utility stores remain open.
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New Delhi, March 26 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced that all the shops, factories and online services associated with essential services can operate 24 hours all week, and no additional license was required for it.

He said e-commerce companies in Delhi could home deliver essential commodities.

Speaking to the media, Kejriwal said the Delhi Police has been asked to allow the person carrying essential items to move without an e-pass.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and the 21-day lockdown to combat the pandemic, Kejriwal announced that all the essential services will remain open during the lockdown, and assured that people who were involved in delivering these services will be allowed to move.

“Online service providers/e-retailers delivering essential services and goods to be allowed. All essential services shops can remain open 24 hours so that there is no rush of people,” said Kejriwal, adding he held a meeting with Delhi Police officials and told them to allow such services.

He said the Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) have been tasked with ensuring that all the grocery shops and other utility stores remain open.

“There will be no restriction on e-commerce companies providing essential services. We have also formulated a plan by which we can check if the essential service providers are working at the ground and if they have enough stock or not.”

He said the Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDM) and ACPs will ensure that all shops in their area providing essential services were open and they have enough stock of essential commodities.

“We have witnessed that the shops which are providing essential services are facing huge crowds and therefore we have decided that shops selling essential items will be allowed to remain open 24/7.”

Kejriwal said in Delhi, the Central government, the Delhi government, police and the residents were working together to combat this pandemic.

‘Most of the people are following the instructions and staying indoor, but we have some cases of violations of the lockdown orders. I will request every resident of Delhi to follow the lockdown order,” said Kejriwal.

The chief minister said the government is issuing e-passes to people engaged in manufacturing, transport, and storage of essential items, as well as the people who work in private or government essential services.

“Also, people engaged in the supply and distribution of five basic essential items like milk, vegetables, ration shops, chemists and pharmacists. The helpline number for this is 1031. You can call the helpline number, intimate the authorities regarding the essential services you are engaged in, and you will be issued the e-pass,” he added.

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