‘One in thousand year situation’ in West Virginia, Flood claims 23 lives

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US state of West Virginia is facing troubling time as a sudden massive floods have claimed atleast 23 lives including a eight year-old boy, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said on Friday.

A state of emergency has already been declared in 44 of the state’s 55 counties.west-virginia-wefornewsTomblin labelled the flood as “among the worst in a century for some parts of the state,” that damage is widespread and devastating. The death toll could rise further, Xinhua reported.west virgina-wefornews Earlier on Thursday afternoon, a bridge connecting the shopping centre to a main road collapsed and washed away due to deadly floods and endangered  500 lives of employees and customers. However the search operation is underway to save them.rescue-wefornews Meanwhile, the West Virginia governor said that the search and rescue operations were a top priority.

Areas of West Virginia has witnessed 8 to 10 inches of rain in six to eight hours , said the National Weather Service, naming it a “one-in-a-thousand-year event”.

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