‘One force, born in Nagpur, trying to control the whole country’: Rahul Gandhi hits out at RSS in Assam

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, holding a poll rally in Assam on Friday, hit out at the BJP-ruled Centre and the RSS.
Rahul Gandhi Farmers
Rahul Gandhi

Dibrugarh: Addressing an election rally in poll-bound Assam, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ruling BJP’s ideological parent organisation.

The Congress leader claimed that that the RSS, without mentioning its name, was trying to control the entire country. The reference to the RSS was apparent in Rahul’s address.

“You think democracy is declining. Youth is unemployed, farmers are protesting, CAA is there. We can’t ask the people of Assam to forget their culture, language if they come to Delhi. One force, born in Nagpur, trying to control the whole country,” Rahul said in Dibrugarh.

It may be noted here that the RSS has its headquarters in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The Congress leader further suggested that the northeastern state of Assam is being robbed.

“Democracy means – the voice of Assam should control Assam. If we don’t include students, then there can be no democracy. Youth should actively participate in politics and fight for Assam when you feel the state is being robbed. You’ll have to fight with love, not with stones and lathis,” Rahul stated further.

He also hit out at the Centre over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, stating that lakhs of families have suffered pain due to the government’s “incompetence and myopia” as unplanned lockdown continues to haunt the country.

Rahul’s rally in Assam came days before the first phase of polling on March 27. Assam polls are being held over three phases – March 27, April 1 and 6 – with the results due to be declared on May 2.

Rahul is in Assam for two days starting today to do campaigning for the Congress party.

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