On Google’s 18th birthday, Know 10 interesting facts

Google -18 bithday

New Delhi, Sep 27 : Today is Google’s 18th birthday! To rejoice the ceremony,  a special doodle with full of balloons welcomes you as visit the biggest search engine.

Here, at wefornews , we  celebrate Google’s birthday with 10 interesting, lesser known facts about the Google’s journey on Earth till day.

1.  The  real  date of birth is still a question mark:  It is one unanswerable question as to when Google’s real birthday is celebrated. The company seems to have six birthdays, at least. But it decides to celebrate it on 27th September. Today is 18th birthday.

2. It wasn’t really a happy moment for Google when declared a generic word for searching: It was a big challenge for a company that the phrase “just Google it” would undermine all the work it had done to make its brand recognizable.

3. Google has bought numerous companies than you could imagine: As per estimation, it was evaluated that Google has a buying habit of companies more than one per week. Though many of them are small-scale, some of them are huge as well.

4. The button “ I‘m feeling Lucky” cost tens of millions of dollars every year: This button is made with a view to have fun. But, this fun is quite expensive for Google.

5. The first ever Google storage was made of Lego: Today Google has become world’s biggest data storage company which stores people’s work, photos, emails and everything else. While, at the very beginning, its first storage was just a load of hard drives housed in a container built of Lego.

6. A decent payer to husbands and wives of people, those who have died while working for Google: They receive 50% of their salary for the next decade plus their children also receive a payout until they are grown up.

7. A Google search consumes comparatively high computing power than it took to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon: Searching in Google is much easier as all it takes is just milliseconds. However, the computing and networking power required to look through every known internet is quite huge than the amount consumed in code and computing to put humans  on  the moon.

8. Once it went down for 5 minutes and took away 40% of web traffic with it : It was on 19th August 2013, when Google has stopped working for five minutes which has resulted into a huge internet loss. Many companies tried to challenge Google’s dominance in search  but failed as it represents a huge part of the web. However, facebook has challenged its dominance as the central linking place of the world, but Google still accounts a massive part of everything that anyone finds or looks at on the  internet.

9. Google’s office is dog-friendly : Google office is really dog-friendly.  It believes that letting people bring in their pubs make their employees very happy. However, cats are not that much pampered just because they tend to get upset by dogs , not prohibited though.

10. Its logo hasn’t placed in the middle till 2001 : Since the Google is the most viewed things in the world, its tiniest changes become significant. In the initial years of its existence, the logo was aligned slightly to the left. Finally, it moved in the middle of the homepage by the year 2001. Since then, it has been making little changes more often.

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