On Engineers Day, Google honours Bharat Ratna M Visvesvaraya with Doodle

Google doodle M Visvesvaraya

New Delhi, Sep 12: An Engineer so popular and devoted to the life of engineering, the Bharat Ratna awardee Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya’s birthday is celebrated today as Engineer’s Day. Fondly referred to as Sir MV, M Visvesvaraya was a world-renowned civil engineer who was a master of irrigation design. He was also referred to as the father of engineers by many.

Google dedicates its doodle today to celebrate M Visvesvaraya’s 157th birthday who is known to have lived by the phrase, “Work is Worship”.

The doodle today has a color sketch of Sir MV with a sketch of a bridge in the background. The bridge, among M Visvesvaraya’s most notable projects, is a representation of the Krishna Raja Sagara Lake and dam. In 1924, Sir MV designed the Krishna Raja Sagara Lake and dam, the largest reservoir in India at the time, and oversaw the construction of the project. The dam is known to have provided drinking water for several cities.

Born on September 15, 1861, in a village called Muddenahalli in Karnataka, Visvesvaraya studied Bachelor of Arts from the University of Madras. Later, he pursued civil engineering at College of Science in Pune. He patented and installed an irrigation system with water floodgates at the Khadakvasla reservoir near Pune to raise the flood supply level of storage in the reservoir to the highest level. This was also installed at Gwalior’s Tigra Dam and Mysuru’s Krishnaraja Sagara (KRS) dam, the latter of which created one of the largest reservoirs in Asia at the time.

M Visvesvaraya
M Visvesvaraya

Visvesvaraya was not only known for his contributions in the field of engineering but was also called the “precursor of economic planning in India”, according to the Institution of Engineers India. It stated that he is best known for his discourse “Planned Economy for India and Reconstructing India” which is the first of its kind to describe the country’s planning efforts.

He was known for sincerity, time management, and dedication to a cause. Bangalore Press and Bank of Mysore were established during his tenure. A very important part of his nature was his love for Kannada. He set up the Kannada Parishat for the upliftment of Kannada. He wanted seminars for Kannada lovers to be instituted and conducted in Kannada itself.

Visvesvaraya received India’s highest honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1955.

He breathed his last in 1962, leaving the world with his beneficial contributions. His memorial stands at Muddenahalli, which is managed by the Visvesvaraya National Memorial Trust as his name lives on through various universities including Visvesvaraya Technological University in Belagavi.


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