Odd-even phase-II: smooth traffic, 1,311 challans on 1st day


Odd-even phase II started out perfectly on Friday, with fairly smooth traffic, empty roads and mostly odd-numbered cars indicating high compliance, although the fact that it was a holiday and the hottest day of the season contributed to the success.

A total 1,311 challans were issued against violators, which showed there would be stricter enforcement during the 16-day phase II of the road-rationing measure. By contrast, 294 challans were issued on the first day of the January trial. Earlier the highest number of challans during phase I were issued on the first Monday, when 2950 violators were booked.

There was heavier presence of enforcement teams this time- 120 from the transport department as well as 2,000 cops, apart from a 5,331-strong force of civil defence volunteers. By Friday afternoon, though the scorching sun had taken a toll on both the volunteers as well as commuters, as 511 challans were issued by 2pm. By evening, the number of challans reached to 427 by the transport enforcement team while Delhi traffic police issued 884 challans.

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Though it brought an advantage for Autorickshaws and taxis as commuters looked for options other than buses or the Delhi Metro. Commuters also complained of surge pricing, ranging from 1.2 to 2.4 times the usual fare, by app-based taxi ride services. Even the autorickshaw apps had surge pricing.

Since it was a holiday , DTC didn’t bring out its entire fleet of about 4,000 buses. It deployed 3,900 in the morning and 3,700 in the evening. The 519 buses of Paryavaran Seva -private buses registered for the fortnight–were also plying. The cluster buses are an additional 1,300. Ridership figures were, however, not available. The metro recorded a ridership of 16.38 lakh till 8pm as against its daily average of 27 lakh.

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