Odd-even phase-II: Petrol dealers deny strike rumours, support govt’s stand

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The Delhi Petrol Dealer Association (DPDA) on Friday denied reports claiming that it is going on strike against the odd-even scheme, and clarified that it stands with the government’s initiative to reduce air pollution.

“There is no strike. This is a rumour. Someone might have said in their individual capacity which was misunderstood. The association supports the Delhi government’s odd-even initiative,” said DPDA spokesman Atul Peshawaraia.

“If the government is taking any initiative to clean the air of the national capital then we stand with it as a responsible citizen,” he added.

“The DPDA does not agree with the Delhi government’s odd-even scheme as bikers and other vehicles are exempted. That, however, is not an issue as the government is at least trying to clean the air, which is not an easy job,” he added.

Delhi government’s second phase of odd-even traffic scheme which has started from today and will continue till April 30 to reduce air pollution level in the national capital.

As per the rule, the four wheeler vehicles with even registration numbers can run on odd-numbered dates and vice versa.

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