Odd-Even minister drama: Goel defies, Gahlot tries to coax him

Vijay Goel
Senior BJP Leader Vijay Goel

New Delhi, Nov 4 : High drama was witnessed on Monday as BJP leader Vijay Goel defied the Odd-Even scheme of Delhi government, following which city Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot went to his residence to persuade him not to oppose the move.

Goel, MP and former Union Minister, commuted along with the Delhi BJP in-charge Shyam Jaju, in his odd number car to ITO in defiance of the Odd-Even scheme, which he described as a “drama” ahead of the Assembly elections in the national capital.

The BJP leader had violated the earlier edition of Odd-Even scheme too and paid a penalty of Rs 2,000 in 2016.

Within hours of Goel’s move, Gahlot went to the residence of Goel with a bouquet of flowers and said, “I have come to convince you to not oppose the Delhi government’s move meant to curb air pollution.”

In response, Goel said, “You are late. You people (Delhi government) informed the press about the Odd-Even and not me. You have come for the first time in last five years.”

Describing the Odd-even scheme as “drama” before the elections in the national capital, the BJP leader said, “In last five years your government has not done anything to control pollution, nor you people meet us.”

Goel questioned the logic behind the scheme when the entire problem of air pollution is due to stubble burning.

“My protest is symbolic. If the Odd-Even was to be brought, then it should have been brought earlier. But you people brought it when it was too late and now when the air quality has reached over 1,000 and very dangerous zone then you people responded,” Goel said.

Goel also demanded the Delhi government to end its advertisement budget and spend the same money to curb the pollution in the city.

He also said that he and his party will support Delhi government’s move to curb air pollution.

Responding to Goel, Gahlot said, “Delhi government has done a lot of work to curb air pollution in the city. Delhi government also made requests to the Central government over stubble burning during Diwali due to which people around Delhi get affected.

“We have requested the central government to help us on stubble burning issue. And if 50 per cent of the cars will not ply on the roads, then at least some amount of pollution will be reduced,” Gahlot said.

Goel then again attacked Gahlot over bringing Odd-Even scheme just close to elections and asked why it was not implemented all these years. He asked, “Why all the two-wheelers, private cabs, buses are plying on the roads while only cars have been put under the scheme?”

The third Odd-Even car rationing scheme aimed to provide relief from pollution kicked-off on Monday. The scheme will remain in force till November 15 and the rules for this will be applicable in Delhi from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Violation of the scheme will attract a penalty of Rs 4,000, which is double the amount charged in the earlier editions of the scheme.

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