Obsessive loverboy is back again, Fan’s New poster unveiled


The much awaited Fan trailer was launched and was appreciated by audiences all around. First, a minute long teaser then, a two and half minute long second teaser introducing the primary character followed by the anthem that got the nation crooning.

The first poster unveiled Gaurav’s look from the film, now the second gave away a bit of the film’s concept.
Stylish, dark and extremely edgy- Fan refreshes out the memories of Darr- where Shah Rukh Khan excellently nailed the psycho act. The obsessive loverboy is back yet again, after 23 years and we simply cant get over SRK’s negative act as Gaurav Chandana.

This is a story about a passionate fan who’s letdown by his favorite superstar and how the biggest fan turns into the biggest enemy, the movie has a very interesting concept. Superstar SRK will be seen in dual role-as superstar Aryan Khanna and his doppelganger fan.

The trailer has explained what the film is all about, the makers unveiled another official Fan poster and this time, it’s incredibly appealing. We can’t get over this poster which features both the SRKs- Aryan and Gaurav. But it also lays down the biggest question. As a fan, whose side will you be on? Aryan’s or Gaurav’s? The choice is yours!

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