NYAY scheme will benefit 25 Crore people in India: Chidambaram


New Delhi, March 27: Former Union Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday defended the minimum income program (NYAY scheme) poll promise made by Congress President Rahul Gandhi and said it will benefit over 25 crore in India.

“We will identify the poorest 20% of India’s families, that is about 5 Crore families & going by an average size of 5 members per family, this scheme will benefit 25 Crore people in India”, he said at a press conference.

“Size of India’s economy today is Rs 200 Lakh Crore and in nominal terms it’ll increase by abt 12% per yr. In about 6 yrs it’ll double. So in 5 yr between 2019-2024 size of India’s GDP would’ve grown from abt Rs 200 Lakh Cr to Rs 400 Lakh Crore”.

Strongly pitching for the programme, Chidambaram said NYAY scheme could not be implemented 40-50yrs ago, but thanks to the liberliasation that was introduced by the Congress.

“Expenditure of GoI and all states put together is about Rs 60 Lakh Cr, revenues are growing at about 18% so amount available to central&state govt will double in about 5 yrs. So we believe India has capacity to implement this programm, he added.


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