Now Bhutan has stopped giving water to Indian farmers of Baksa district

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Recently Bhutan is bothering India along with China and Nepal. India is uneasy about the annoyance of the two neighboring countries. China and Nepal, both countries, have been operating illegally one after another on the Indian border. Twenty Indian soldiers died in clashes with China. Meanwhile, an ordinary villager was shot dead by Nepal police on the border near Bihar. Three others were seriously injured. This time behind the scenes Bhutan has also stopped giving water to Indian farmers. However, Bhutan’s case did not get much publicity amid India’s disputes with China and Nepal.

Behind Story:

Indian farmers get water for cultivation through irrigation channels flowing through the Baksa district of Assam. That irrigation channel was artificial which is called Dong in the local language. Many farmers of 26 villages in Assam’s Baksa district depend on the channel’s water. Water has been flowing from Bhutan through that channel since 1953. The farmers of the area use that water for farming. But this time Bhutan has suddenly stopped the flow of that channel. As a result, the farmers of 26 villages of Baksa district are in big trouble. There is a risk of extensive damage to agriculture.

Current Scenario:

The Bhutan government, however, did not give a reason. As fer no comment from The Bhutanese government, why the channel’s water supply has been cut off. But the farmers of the Baksa district are already suffering. Farmers of the district have taken to the streets to protest. The Bhutanese government did not comment on the protests. Bhutan has been providing water to farmers in the area for the past few decades. India is grateful to Bhutan for that. The Baksa district administration has already appealed to the central government over the matter. Farmers of Kalipur, Bogajuli, and Kalandi areas have written their protests and demands under the banner of the association in charge of maintenance of Dong Dam.

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