Now, a virtual studio that helps designers grow business


New Delhi, July30: With an aim to free the art and craft of India’s designers and tailors, a cloud-based application “Bespocut” was launched here to provide customers with bespoke clothing at their doorstep. The app also helps brands grow their business.

Bespocut integrates the designers’ front end with Bespocut’s back end and logistics in such a way that they get access to globally-renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with Just-In-Time delivery.

This virtual studio offers over 250 fabrics and a million combinations.

Coming up with the distinguished concept, studying the issues and concerns in relation to the fabric industry, Bespocut is designed by the individuals who have been a part of the textile industry for over 25 years.

“It is an innovative idea about creating a virtual studio without having an industry or stock but only expertise. We have designed our cloud-based application or warehouse, as we call it. People don’t have time to go out and personalise their clothing, so Bespoke will help them,” said Pradeep Kumar, CEO and founder of Bespocut.

With the evolution of such an application, the strategy is developed to solve the existing fashion industry problems efficiently.

The aim is also to let business owners successfully and ethically launch and develop their labels and brands and turn them into global powerhouses.

With its launch in India, Bespocut aims to reach partners in top 30 cities of the country in their first year, growing the business to 500-plus style partners across the country in the first two years of operation.

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