Novel idea of eco-friendly flooring


New Delhi, May 25: Eco-friendly flooring is good to create healthy environment at home.

Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, Country Head, Junckers — a Denmark-based flooring brand, and Ashish Gupta, Director at Delhi-based InLiving, a retailer of solid wood furniture, list out some benefits:

* First of all, eco-friendly flooring can add beauty to your house with all the safety features as these are processed without chemicals.

* Eco-friendly flooring helps in improving the health of your family and also makes sure that you are not depleting natural resources.

* Another advantage which makes the choice of eco-friendly flooring popular is the fact that wood can be reused for different purposes such as energy production or making furniture.

* These kind of floorings are new to market and they also look good in the home with their fresh look and design.

* These kind of flooring is an innovative idea as it can be with the old flooring as well as with the marble slabs.

* If you are looking for savings in the long run, then eco-friendly flooring is a nice option for your home.

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