Nothing for farmers in new Union Budget: Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

New Delhi, July 11 : Speaking in the Lower House of the Parliament, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticised the Union Budget 2019 presented by Nirmala Sitharaman, emphasizing that Finance Minister has ignored farm sector as banks continue to threaten debt-ridden farmers and no concrete steps has been projected by the current government to bring relief to them.

“Why does the government behave as if the farmers are inferior to the poor. No efforts have been made in the Budget 2019 to for the benefit farmers,” said Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha.

Bringing attention to the farmers suicide issue, Gandhi said,”Yesterday, a farmer in Wayanad committed suicide due to debt. In Wayanad, bank notices for non payment of loans given to 8000 farmers. Under a relevant act their properties are attached against their bank loans, this is resulting in rise in farmers suicide.”

“The farmers in the country are suffering.I would like to draw the govt’s attention towards it. No concrete steps were taken in the Union Budget to provide relief to the farmers,” Gandhi added.

Requesting the government and the finance ministry to take adequate steps for the betterment of agriculturists, Rahul Gandhi said, “I would like to request the Central government to direct RBI to consider the moratorium by Kerala govt and ensure that banks don’t threaten farmers with recovery notice.”

Congress leaders have been protesting in Parliament House Complex over Karnataka and Goa political developments.

Congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Anand Sharma participated in the protest. “We are protesting against Karnataka and Goa issue,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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