Northern California shooting : 5 dead, including gunman

Rancho Tehama

Tehama County — A neighborhood dispute turned into the nation’s latest mass shooting Tuesday when a gunman killed four people and wounded 10 others, choosing most of his victims at random in a rampage that spread to an elementary school in this rural community 115 miles north of Sacramento, authorities said.

The spree, which ranged over several locations and injured at least two children at Rancho Tehama Elementary School, ended when the killer — who like his victims was not immediately identified, and whose motive was unknown — was shot dead by law enforcement officers.

The barrage of gunfire erupted around 8 a.m. near the man’s home in Rancho Tehama Reserve, a community of about 1,500 people southwest of Red Bluff, and lasted about 45 minutes as the man stole two vehicles and drove around shooting people, including at the school attended by nearly 100 children, said the Tehama County sheriff’s office.

Two people died near the gunman’s home, including a woman living nearby with whom the shooter had a running dispute, said county Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston. In January, the gunman was arrested in connection with an assault involving the woman, Johnston said, and a restraining order had been issued against him in connection with that arrest.

He also said the gunman had been out on bail and that police had responded to a “domestic violence” incident involving him Monday, but did not provide details.

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