North Korea’s vice-premier executed by firing squad :Seoul official

Executions  have become a common routine in North Korea.South Korea’s Unification Ministry stated that  Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of Vice Premier Kim Yong-jin for being an “anti-revolutionary element”.

Kim took power in 2011 after the  death of his father ,Kim Jong II, and his consolidation of power has included execution of top officials . Earlier two officials were executed  with anti-aircraft gun  at a military academy in Pyongyang.
The 63-year-old politician was allegedly executed by a firing squad in July, a ministry source told.

Yong-jin had reportedly displayed a negative attitude during an important parliamentary meeting at the end of July, after which his execution was ordered, according to the official.

The source said the information reached Seoul’s unification ministry through various channels although it is impossible to confirm the news owing to the extreme opacity of the regime.

According to Seoul, other two important North Korean politicians — 71-year-old Kim Yong-chol, Director of the United Front Department (UFD), the North Korean organisation responsible for relations with neighbouring South Korea, and Choi Hwi, First Deputy Director of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party — were also sent to re-education camps in recent months.

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