North Korea test-fires new guided rockets

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has overseen the test of a new anti-aircraft rockets the latest in a weapon series of missile trials as tensions run high on the divided Korean peninsula.The rockets accurately hit the aerial targets of the simulated enemy and Kim was satisfied with the test, saying it demonstrated North Korea’s rapidly growing defence capability.

North Korea on Friday fired a ground-to-air missile into its eastern waters. The launch came just three days after Pyongyang fired a rocket in northeastern direction.

Pyongyang’s frequent projectile launches in recent weeks are said to protest the ongoing US-South Korea joint military exercises and newly-adopted international sanctions on North Korea.

Over the past month the young leader has supervised several military drills, including the test-firings of medium ballistic missiles, a multiple rocket system and long-range artillery, in response to Seoul-Washington joint army drills south of the border.

The latest launch came as a two-day nuclear security summit was being hosted by Barack Obama in Washington, at which North Korea was the focus of the US president’s talks with the leaders of China, South Korea and Japa

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