North Korea: Kim Jong-un urges work improvement

Kim Jong Un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Seoul, March 5 : North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has urged officials across the country to improve work of the city and county party committees, the state-media reported on Friday.

In the report, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted Kim as saying that the overall work of the Party and the state can go well and the overall development of socialism can be promoted only when the city and county Party committees across the country fulfil their missions and role.

The course, a kind of workshop for local officials which began on Wednesday, was held to discuss ways to implement goals put forth during a party congress in January, Xinhua news agency reported.

Kim set forth important tasks and ways of enhancing the role of chief secretaries in intensifying the Party work and developing cities and counties by under-scoring the need to direct efforts into the Party’s internal work to firmly cement the revolutionary position and class position, the KCNA report said.

Saying that special efforts should be directed into building up the ranks of cadres, he set forth detailed tasks “by strictly observing the Party principles, revolutionary principles in the personnel administration” and by “improving the personnel administration system in an innovative way”.

“Saying that they should not abuse power and indulge in bureaucracy, irregularities and corruption but be honest in their work and life, he stressed the need for them to remain upright before the Party and the people, keep their families and relatives from seeking after selfish interests,” the KCNA said.

The short course, the first of its kind, would continue on Friday, the report said.

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