No Probe into Judge BH Loya’s Death: Supreme Court dismisses review plea

New Delhi, July 31 :The Supreme Court has dismissed the review plea filed by Bombay Lawyers Association in the judge Loya death case.

A petition was filed by the Bombay Lawyers Association seeking review of the top court judgement dismissing the plea for an independent probe into the death of judge BH Loya.

On April 19, the top court had decided that judge Loya had died of natural causes and there were no suspicious circumstances that would merit a further inquiry.

A three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, will hear the plea. As per rules, the hearing will take place in a close chamber.

Judge Loya’s family alleged last year that he had been under threat and there were suspicious circumstances about his death.

Judge Loya’s family claim triggered a huge controversy and calls for an independent investigation.

In January, Judge Loya’s son Anuj Loya said the family no longer had any suspicion about the death.

In its decision in April, the Supreme Court called the petitions for investigation “scandalous” and a “frontal attack on the judiciary”. The court also said that it took “strong exception” to the Insinuation that “one individual controls judiciary”.

The Bombay Lawyers’ Association, which was one of the petitioners, had said it would study the judgment and explore legal remedies.

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